15 App Development Trends 2022

  • Ethan Smith
  • 21 Jan 2022

Almost everyone has portable devices. That is why many companies strive to take their place on the mobile app market. What trends will be relevant in 2022?

1. IoT Enabled Devices

The Internet of Things is not a new phenomenon. Gadgets from Amazon or Google are no longer unusual. However, mobile giants such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Bosch, and others have joined this trend. The demand for IoT-enabled devices is only growing.

2. Spread of 5G

According to experts, in 2022, almost 50% of devices will support 5G connectivity. For development, this means increased efficiency, minimum delays, high-speed information transfer, and easier access to many other innovations.

3. VR and AR

These technologies have moved from the world of games to our daily lives. Now you can find out how a new makeup will look on you (L’Oreal), plan the furniture arrangement (IKEA), and even walk the streets (Google Maps). The VR and AR market is expected to grow by more than $180 billion this year.

4. Gaming and Entertainment

With the technology development, this direction will also offer users new experiences. You can play anywhere, use AR and VR devices, compete against constantly learning AI, and connect with gamers from all over the world.

5. Apps for Foldable Smartphones

Foldable devices in 2022 will become more widespread. According to experts, manufacturers will ship more than 500 million such gadgets this year. If you want to conquer this market, ensure your product works great on this type of smartphone.

6. Apps for Wearable Devices

Such devices are used very actively, and in 2022 their number will more than double. If you provide a product compatible with both smartphones and smartwatches, you will gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

7. Blockchain

Blockchain or decentralized databases are becoming an integral part of many services that are related to finance, such as digital wallets. It is a reliable way to store, encrypt, and transfer information.

8. AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been an essential part of mobile development for years. These technologies continue to be popular, while engineers find unusual ways to apply them to various industries.

9. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics examines large amounts of data to predict the future. Such technologies can be used by both entertainment companies like Netflix and Amazon to personalize experiences and large enterprises to streamline workflows.

10. Super Apps

The concept of a single product that can solve several issues at once is gaining popularity. Even old apps are being updated to add extra services and thus improve the user experience.

11. Food Delivery

Buying food and groceries through mobile apps has received a boost in 2020. However, this trend is still relevant. Consumers are accustomed to ordering not only food but also groceries and other stuff in digital stores, so they are looking for services with the most convenient app.

12. Mobile Security

Much sensitive data is stored on our portable devices, and special attention will be paid to its protection in 2022. Just as scammers invent new ways of hacking, cybersecurity specialists try to stay ahead and provide high protection of information.

13. P2P Apps

P2P Apps are convenient for both consumers and manufacturers. It is why, within a couple of years, the amount of P2P transactions can exceed $600 billion. If you develop a service that includes such payments, 2022 is an excellent time to launch it.

14. Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is an important part of e-commerce. Merchants that cannot offer customers mobile apps for ordering products may lose a significant amount of their clients. The development of such services is now popular regardless of the business type.

15. Mobile Learning

Online learning moves to a new level and becomes available on mobile devices. The industry is predicted to have an annual growth rate of over 20%. The demand for mobile educational apps will be pretty high.

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