Epic Little War Game review

Epic Little War Game

Published & copyrighted by Rubicon Development

In this game, you are a war general. Your mission is to go on an adventure to save your homeland, and destroy your enemies. You must work as a team with your troops, and show them what it means to be an Epic War General. 


The game has three modes: Campaign, Challenge, and Multiplayer. Campaign mode has a total of 50 levels. Challenge mode has a total of 10 levels. Multiplayer has a maximum of four players. You can also play against AI players. 

To win, you must take over enemy headquarters, or destroy all their units. There are a lot of different maps and scenarios to play, and the graphics are amazing. The game has a gameplay system with a variety of units, complex maps, and a myriad of strategic options to consider.


The controls are simple and easy to use. Players can tap (or click) to select units, and drag (or double-click) to move them. The player can tap (or click) on the map to scroll it. Other controls include the ability to zoom in or out, to mute the sound, or to view the tutorial.


I think the graphics are clear and the animations are great. The game is well paced and easy to play. The graphics are not overly complicated and easy to follow. I think it's a good game and I would recommend it.

The replay value of Epic Little War Game is very high. The game is easy to pick up and play for a quick few hours, and there are many levels and battles to experiment with. 

The Bottom Line

The battle of your life is about to begin! Epic Little War Game is a turn-based strategy game that will challenge your wit and skill on a hexagonal battlefield. The game is an excellent and fun way to spend time and has been a well-received game on the App Store.

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