AFK Arena review

AFK Arena

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AFK Arena is a turn-based tactical RPG for mobile devices with online multiplayer capabilities. The premise of the game is to gather heroes and assemble a team to fight in Arenas against other players. There are a variety of modes available, including co-operative, competitive, and solo play.


  • There are 5 different heroes to choose from;
  • Each with unique abilities and stats;
  • Players can level up their character and equip them with better gear to improve their stats;
  • There are different enemy types to battle, each with its own strengths and weaknesses;
  • Players can join together in teams to battle against other teams online
  • The objective is to destroy the enemy's base.


The game is a simplified idle RPG, with players not actively controlling their heroes during battle. Instead, players set up a team of heroes before each battle, and the heroes will automatically fight and use their abilities as dictated by the game's AI. The game also features a number of microtransactions, which allow players to purchase in-game items and bonuses using real-world money.


The graphics in AFK Arena are pretty good. The textures are very high quality and the colors are very bright. The animations are also very smooth and look great. Overall, this game has amazing graphics and is a pleasure to look at.


The interface of AFK Arena is simple and easy to use. The main screen has 5 icons: the first one is for the main menu, the second one is for the home screen, the third one is for your heroes, the fourth one is for your allies, and the fifth one is for your opponents. 

In the main menu, you can access the settings, the shop, the quests, and social media. On the home screen, you can see your progress, your rewards, and your current rank. On the heroes screen, you can see your heroes, their stats, and their abilities. In the allies screen, you can see your allies, their stats, and their abilities. In the opponents screen, you can see your opponents, their stats, and their abilities. 

You can also see your current gold and mana, your heroes' current health and mana, and your allies' current health and mana.


Overall, AFK Arena is a fun and engaging game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. With its deep and strategic gameplay, beautiful graphics, and an engaging storyline. There are some glitches and some balancing issues that need to be addressed, but the developers are working on them. AFK Arena is a must-have for any mobile gamer.

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