20+ Minecraft Tricks You Should Try

  • Ethan Smith
  • 10 Nov 2021

Minecraft is one of the few games that has almost limitless potential. In this article, we have collected just a few of the features that every gamer should try.

1. Cure Zombies

You have the chance to cure Zombie Villagers. Use a potion to set Weakness status on them and feed them with Golden Apple. They will recover, and you will use their trading post.

2. Use Bonemeal

Bonemeal is an excellent food for plants in Minecraft. Destroy skeletons and turn their bones into meals to make your firewood trees grow faster.

3. Don't Underestimate Torches

Torches are a versatile tool with which you can quickly break Sand or Gravel blocks. Replace the bottom block with a torch. The rest will break when falling.

4. Wear Pumpkin Head as Helmet

In the fight against such powerful enemies as Endermen, Pumpkin Head can be of great help. Since Endermen will not see your eyes, they will not attack you.

5. Carry Buckets

Take water buckets with you as you go into mines, or use them as protection against sudden lava bursts. They can help you descend the steep slope faster and become a defense against enemies.

6. Find Diamond Level

If you are looking for diamond ore, search for Y-11. Press F3 to check your coordinates and head towards the eleventh level.

7. Replace Coal With Charcoal

Charcoal is an excellent alternative to coal, which is very important in the early stages. Instead of going straight to mines, you can build a house.

8. Customize Dog Collars

To distinguish between the crowd of tamed dogs, you can wear different colored collars on each. Paint them in the desired shade using dye.

9. Utilize Lava

Lava can be great fuel for your furnace as it lasts pretty long. Moreover, it can be used to make a rare obsidian block.

10. Save Gold

Don't be tempted to make golden tools. They are extremely short-lived. It is better to use this material to craft Golden Apples with healing properties.

11. Find Mob Spawners

No matter how effectively you fight mobs, they will continue to arrive at your house until you find a Mob Spawner that generates them. Surround it with torches to cease its activity.

12. Don't Sleep In The Nether

Do not carry beds to the Nether, as you can explode there while sleeping. Better to leave them in the real world to create a checkpoint and respawn in case of death.

13. Call Golems for Help

Organize reliable security for your home using Golems. An Iron Golem can be crafted with Iron Blocks and Pumpkin Head. The Snow Golem should be made from snow in the appropriate biome.

14. Lock the Door

To prevent zombies from breaking into your house, be smart. Place it one block higher off the ground, or shield it with a fence.

15. Start From Mushroom Biome

The Mushroom Biome is one of the safest places in the game. You can start mastering the basic mechanics in it and not be afraid of the sudden appearance of night monsters.

16. Get Cats

Cats are very effective at scaring off Creepers. Get a lot of these pets to protect yourself from an unpleasant meeting with enemies.

17. Make the Endless Source of Water

Take two buckets of water and dig a hole 2 by 2 cubes and 1 block deep in the ground. Pour the first bucket into the upper left corner. When it spills, add a second to the bottom right.

18. Fight Blazes With Snowballs

Blazes are dangerous creatures that can destroy you instantly. Stock up on snowballs to counter them from afar.

19. Crouch

When building bridges, crouching can be helpful. Crouch so that your character moves away from the edge a little. The main thing is not to release the button.

20. Use Torches Underwater

Unexpectedly, torches work great underwater. In extreme situations, they will help you breathe longer by creating air bubbles.

Endless Opportunities

Of course, there is still a lot of awesome stuff in Minecraft. Wooden Slabs don't burn, the laws of physics can be broken by placing any block on a torch, and Mooshrooms can be milked for excellent mushroom stew. Now it's your turn to tell us about game nuances! What features do you find most exciting?

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