6 Gift-List Apps to Get Ready for Holidays

  • Ethan Smith
  • 26 Dec 2021

Christmas and New Year is a time of bright decorations, merry parties, and, of course, a bunch of gifts to all friends, relatives, and colleagues. You probably started preparing for the celebration in advance. You picked the right items, bookmarked them in a browser, jotted down good ideas in notes, and even used regular paper sticky notes. How not forget to buy everything you need and still stay on budget? These six apps will help you bring all the information you've gathered in one place and arrange your holiday preparations the way you want them to be.

1. Christmas Gift List by engApps

In this app, you can set a budget for each person you prepare a gift for and jot down interesting ideas by adding links and images. Thanks to convenient statistics, you can evaluate your planned spending in detail and adjust your budget if necessary. All the information you enter is archived so you can use your notes for the next Christmas holidays.

2. Christmas Gift List by Medialoha

Please note that the name of this app on Google Play is the same as the first one, but the developers are different. You can form a general budget for the holiday and plan expenses per person with it. This manager also counts down to the holiday so you can get everything done on time. If someone has already presented the same product as you planned, you can mark it accordingly. If desired, plans can be made even for a year in advance.

3. Christmas Gift List Tracker

This handy present manager not only saves your listings from past years but also visualizes the planned gifts and budget for the current year in the form of charts and graphs. You can control every stage of the preparation for the holiday: from the idea emergence to the product purchase, its delivery, and packaging. Update gift statuses, so you don't miss any details. Synchronize information on different devices to have access to it anywhere.

4. GiftPlanner

It is not just a task tracker but a full-fledged manager that will help you prepare even for the largest holiday. In addition to the typical lists of ideas and budgets for each person, you can specify interests, set countdowns to any events, and follow the wishlists of friends from your contacts. It's also possible to add items you like right from your browser, scan barcodes, attach photos, and sort information. GiftPlanner is handy for coworking on getting ready for the holidays.

5. Giftster

Planning a holiday with family, friends, or colleagues has never been easier. You can create a private group and invite all involved persons to it. All members can see others' wishlists, buy perfect gifts, and mark items purchased to avoid duplication. The application has versions for different platforms, which makes it extremely versatile. Customize the tracker the way you need it, invite the right people, and use it year after year.

6. The Christmas List

Divide your total budget between gift recipients and create shopping lists on the go. Mark up as you purchase and filter ideas by status. A unique feature of this app is the opportunity to create lists per shop. So you can be sure that when you go into a large mall, you buy everything you have planned there. If you want to give the same gifts to multiple recipients, you can quickly copy the information you need rather than re-entering it.

Meet the Holidays Fully Armed

These apps are extremely useful for thorough preparations for Christmas and New Year, but you can also utilize them to arrange any other holidays. Convenient functionality will save you a headache and a hole in your budget when choosing gifts.

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