7+ TikTok Trends Not to Be Missed in 2022

  • Ethan Smith
  • 14 Jan 2022

Trends are fashion, and therefore they are fleeting like nothing else. They regularly replace each other and are quickly forgotten by users. It's very difficult to predict which challenge or flash mob will be popular in a month or a year, but we'll try. 2021 has been marked by love to vinyl, feta pasta, and "Study With Me" streams. What content should creators make in 2022?

1. Dances

We never get tired of following the trendy dances from TikTok. According to experts, dance videos will remain on top this year. Search for clips by relevant hashtags to find exciting challenges and participate in them. Their great advantage is simplicity; even people without special dance skills can join them.

2. Glow-Ups

Users publish their photos or videos as teenagers ("before") and recent ones ("after"). By the way, it concerns not only appearance. You can post pictures of your car before and after the repair or a painting from a sketch to the final version, etc. The glow-ups keep the intrigue well: if a user opens a video, they'll likely watch it to the end to find out how it all ended.

3. Long Takes

Clips captured in one long shot became popular a while ago but are still relevant. A seamless transition is a fantastic technique to show various changes. You can see how people change clothes in a second by throwing a shoe or find themselves in a new place after flipping a camera. Some of the results are so mesmerizing that you'll want to see them once more.

4. Honest Content

Social media has long been criticized for imposing an "ideal" world on users. In response to it, a trend appeared on TikTok, within which people share their harrowing life stories. Videos like these show the creators' "reality" and help others feel less alone. It's a good step to give moral support to users in a crisis situation. We only hope that no one will exploit this trend for bad.

5. Behind-The-Scenes

Many of us would like to have a peek behind the scenes of a business, activity, or production. Are you curious to know how your favorite candy is made or a fresh action movie was filmed? Look for clips with the relevant hashtag. Likewise, you can tell about your own business to help viewers learn the "insider" of workflows.

6. Satisfying Videos

It's the very trend from which we cannot take our eyes off. You can cut soap, make slime, repair eyeshadows, sculpt a clay vase, freeze soap bubbles, and so on. These videos have similar therapeutic effects as real anti-stress toys. It is also another good option to tell the world about yourself.

7. Slice of Life

There is a genre of cinema that documents everyday life. Now it has infiltrated TikTok. As with the previous trend, there is something satisfying about these documentaries. You can just go about your household chores, and there will certainly be those who want to watch you. Add some humor or romance to make these videos unique. Do your followers ask you questions? Then answer them with clips like this.

Follow Trends But Stay Unique

Following trends is a great marketing technique. Of course, the complete list is not limited to just these seven items. You can shoot videos engaging your whole family, create content for one of the network subcultures (for example, cleantok, swifttok, planttok, or gymtok), do humorous or sarcastic clips, be on the wave with movie or TV series threads, and so on. By creating relevant content, but at the same time adding your own unique style to it, you can climb to the top and make your business more accessible to a large number of viewers. Given the transience of trends, remain flexible and be prepared to adapt to new ideas on the go.

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