8 Telegram Tips You Didn’t Know Existed

  • Ethan Smith
  • 13 Oct 2021

Telegram has racked up half a billion downloads. And there’s a reason for that! The app is centered on privacy, better security and offers a  functionality palette, which many of its rivals can only dream of.

But there are also lesser-known tricks you can do with your Telegram profile. We’ll show you 8 tips that many people neglect using. 

1. Self-Destruction

If you worry about your privacy, Telegram can be a helping hand. There’s an auto-destructing chat feature, which wipes the entire conversation after a set time period. And there’s no technical workaround to retrieve the deleted convos and chats.

How to activate:

  • Tap the three-line menu in the upper left corner.
  • Select New Secret Chat.
  • Now invite people from your contact list.
  • Set the time period after which messages will be destroyed.

Those who sleep on the feature don’t know that the convos cannot be screenshotted — Telegram blocks it for the Secret Chats.

2. Scheduled messages

At times, you may need to send a message with a delay. Especially, if your vis-à-vis lives in a different time zone, and you don’t want to wake them up.

How to activate:

  • Type a message you want to send.
  • Now hold the send button for a sec.
  • Schedule Message will pop up.
  • Press it and select the date and time.

If you’re terrible at keeping track of b-days, this trick is a life-saver.

3. Message Edit

Unlike WhatsApp, TG allows you to edit messages.  

How to activate:

  • Tap a sent message.
  • A menu will highlight.
  • Choose Edit.

Feel free to correct your typos or clumsily formulated thoughts. Note: You’ve got only 48 hours to correct it.

4. Messaging in silence

If your contact is in the middle of a lecture, meeting, or a sweet slumber, you can message them silently.

How to activate:

  • Type in a message.
  • Press the Send button.
  • Choose the Send Without Sound.

It will arrive noiselessly like a soft-pawed ermine. Even if the recipient has all their notification sounds set at the maxim volume.   

5. Video Editing

Like Instagram, TG also allows you to edit your vids. With the feature, you can tweak brightness, saturation, warmth, exposure, contrast, and other parameters.

How to activate:

  • Go to your file storage.
  • Select a video and send it via Telegram.
  • There will be a frame roll of the video.
  • Below it, you’ll find the editing features 

You can also crop the vid, add captions, use the drawing tool to highlight something, and change its compression. The last feature allows changing the video quality, so you can spend fewer megabytes on sending it.

6. GIFs & YouTube

It’s a poorly known fact, but Telegram has a powerful search engine that specializes in finding cool GIFs. That means you don’t need to head to Giphy to find something funny.

How to activate:

  • Type in @gif.
  • Now enter a request, like a gecko lizard
  • All relevant results will pop up.

You can pull the same trick with YouTube videos. Type in @youtube and then insert a request — Vsauce, for example. So, if there’s a video you want to share with your buddies, you don’t need to exit the app anymore.

7. Slow Motion

If you run a Telegram group, you must know how irksome spammers can be. To bridle them up, you can employ Slow Mode.

How to activate:

  • Tap the group’s name.
  • Select Edit.
  • Go to Permissions.
  • Enable Slow Mode.

And voilà, now spammers will be muzzled with a time limit set for their messages. But to enable it, you should have administrating privileges.

8. No More Random Groups

Finally, you can avoid being added to random TG groups without your permission.

How to activate:

  • Open the Settings menu. 
  • Go to Privacy and Security.
  • Select Groups.
  • Open My Contacts.
  • Enable Never Allow.

And voilà: no more unwanted invitations.

No Drama with Telegram

Stay tuned for more future tips on your favorite apps. Let us know which app’s secret tips we must review next time!

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