Adobe’s Chrome Plugin to Edit PDFs Is Here

  • Ethan Smith
  • 17 Oct 2021

Usually, working with PDFs inside your browser is limited to reading and downloading the documents. It seems, Adobe took notes as they have released a new Adobe Acrobat extension for Chrome and Edge.

With this handy tool, you will edit your PDFs more freely. For instance, you can fill out a PDF form without switching to another app or employing some third-party service.

This extension will also let you put a signature on the document, do markups, leave commentaries and notes for your colleagues/collaborators, highlight text fragments, and even use the drawing tools.

Another cool trick that the extension unlocks is the quick switch-up from it to your Acrobat Reader software. Now you can continue working with the same doc on your desktop computer with just one mouse click thanks to the cloud synchronization.

As we’ve mentioned, the extension will allow signing your PDF docs. That means you can give a document some authority — especially if it’s legal paper — via an electronic signature.

What's really cool, the extension works solo — it doesn’t matter whether you have Acrobat DC or not. 

At the same time, having these software entities you can utilize even more features of the plugin. Among them are converting a PDF to MS Word format, turning selected web pages into PDF, and doing some extra tweaks with them.

You can test the Adobe Acrobat extension right in the Chrome Web Store. It charges 0 dollars. But at the subscription acrobat DC prices of $15/month, you can unlock more useful features.

Stay with us to know more about free productivity tools and tricks. Which browser extensions are the most useful in your opinion? Share some knowledge with us!

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