Amazon Allows Third-Party Retailers Use ‘Buy With Prime’ Badge On Their Websites

  • Ethan Smith
  • 27 Apr 2022

Amazon is about to welcome a nice change to its business strategy: the service is expanding the purview of its Prime subscription to allow vendors to sell their stuff outside the platform and via their websites.

The new initiative implies that merchants utilizing Amazon’s logistics – storage facilities and delivery services (also Amazon Fulfillment) – will have the option to put the ‘Buy With Prime’ badge on their sites next to the eligible goods that are available for free expedited delivery within a day or two. The owners of Amazon Prime will then be able to purchase products directly from these third-party retailers while continuing to enjoy all the regular Amazon subscription service perks: online shopping discounts, free shipping, etc.

While ‘Buy With Prime’ will offer added benefits to its users, such as enhanced convenience and excellent value, these aren’t the only reasons why Amazon has decided to embark on this journey. The e-commerce giant hopes that by providing its FBA merchants with yet another handy way to sell their goods, the company will stay ahead of its top rival Shopify that currently offers vendors a wide range of development tools to build their own custom storefronts.

So far, the biggest complaint among Amazon merchants has been that the platform exhibits too much control over how they build their relationships with customers. The company's decision to relax its grip is likely to defuse the tension somewhat. The new service and its privileges are not free, and Amazon retailers will have to cover an array of unnamed fees to be allowed to decorate their sites with the ‘Buy With Prime’ button.

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