Apple Music Adds Lossless Streaming for No Extra Cost

  • Ethan Smith
  • 17 May 2021

As cellular bandwidth inevitably increases, and 5G is to cover the whole world, music streaming services add hi-quality streaming to their offerings. According to our sources, Apple is to add support of lossless streaming to Apple Music very soon. The most pleasant part of it is that the price of subscription will not be affected (unlike Spotify that introduces special hi-fi plans).

As Apple has its own lossless audio format (ALAC), its high-fidelity streaming will probably utilize this codec, instead of third-party lossless formats like FLAC or APE. It will be easier to implement, plus most (if not all) Apple devices currently in use are able to support it. So expect a new array of patches for iEverything as soon as the new streaming becomes available.

Along with CD quality (16 bit at 44.1 kHz), Apple is planning to introduce 24-bit at 48 or even 192 kHz. It takes something more powerful than AirPods Pro or HomePod to unfold. So music addicts will have to connect an external DAC to Lightning ports even if their good old iPhone 6 still has a jack socket. Yes, it means Apple sends your money to someone else’s pockets. But if you taste it well, you will find it more affordable and comfortable than the alternatives.


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