Apple Music Features You May Not Know About

  • Ethan Smith
  • 07 Sep 2021

Apple Music has tons of handy buttons and options. However, not all listeners make full use of its functions. In this article, we have collected those that will significantly improve your user experience.

Setting Up

Everyone knows how to get a trial, but few people know how to refuse it. Go to the service settings, open your iTunes account, and find a list of subscriptions. Here you can cancel or renew the subscription you want. Also, by default, Apple Music automatically subscribes to artists you've added to your Library. In order not to create a mess, you can disable this option in the settings via the "Notifications" tab.

If you use this service on multiple devices at once, activating the iCloud Music Library will help you to expand the possibilities. Some functions are only available in this mode. Meanwhile, if you like to compile your own playlists, be aware that it can destroy the order you created manually. To not break it, you can activate the Library only on one of the devices to listen to tracks offline.

Keep in mind that the individual subscription includes the opportunity to connect ten different devices. If you need to stream music to multiple phones, computers, or tablets at once, use family sharing.


Optimize Storage is a handy feature when your device runs out of storage space. If you activate it, the service will automatically delete tracks that have not been played for a long time.

To listen to music without an Internet connection, you can save any content (songs, albums, and collections) to the Library. Activate iCloud Music, click "+," and then the cloud icon next to the melody or list you like. Now content available for offline listening, including tracks in your phone's memory, can be seen in the "Downloaded Music" section.

All tracks can be sorted by an artist or by title in alphabetical order. To do it, in the "Songs" tab, click on the button with three dots in the upper right corner and select the option that suits you.


If you want to get more recommendations from Apple Music algorithms, do not forget to mark the tracks you like with a "heart." Also, you can dislike a song, and then the platform will exclude it from the recommendations. Few people know, but the service also offers the opportunity to customize the built-in equalizer. You can find it in the settings under the "Music" section.

The "New Music" tab contains all the new items in the music world, where you can also find thematic playlists from major companies like NME or Pitchfork. All of this can be filtered by genre to see what really interests you. You can also use Shazam built into iPhones to search for new products. Customize your listening history and share your favorite songs and playlists with your friends.

Using Radio and TV

Apple Music allows its users to create their own radio stations to listen to only suitable music. Press the button with three dots next to your favorite track and pick "Create Station." Only related songs will be streamed to you. Also, inside the service itself, there are three radio stations to which you can connect at any time.

If you are a music video fan, you will definitely like watching clips on a big screen. The Apple TV app has the option to add videos to your playlists or the Library. Use voice control to simplify your experience with all Apple services. Just pronounce the request you want, and Siri will get you the right content. Finding and listening to music is even easier with Apple HomePod Mini speakers.

More Features

In addition to all of the above, Apple Music also has a section with lyrics, which allows you to arrange a karaoke night quickly, and an alarm clock to wake up in the morning to your favorite track. Tell us in the comments which functions have become a discovery for you and which ones you use regularly.

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