Art of Generating Leads for Freelancers on LinkedIn

  • Ethan Smith
  • 04 Sep 2021

LinkedIn’s new feature allows freelancers to generate leads. The company has noticed an increase in the daily activities of its members. While COVID cases decrease, more people start to wonder about their future. Businesses turn their attention towards the social network in the hope to receive professional help.

LinkedIn has 774 million registered members. Every second, 3 new people sign up in the app. This is the biggest level of engagement during the last 5 quarters. Becoming the most popular network that connects companies and employers with each other, LinkedIn increases the chances of its members to find what they have been looking for. Freelancers, in their turn, receive more opportunities. They can use a wide range of tools offered by the network to stay visible.

About Service Page

LinkedIn has recently added a new feature that might interest freelancers. While Services listings on profiles of freelancers were created in 2019, LinkedIn refined the display options recently. Now the page is specifically focused on services offered by freelancers. Customers may also share feedback in the tab “Reviews.” Freelancers can reach more clients for free via the Services page that connects you with anyone who needs your help. Even if you are not connected with the clients, they can contact you free of charge.

Improving Your Service Page

If you want to be noticed, you have to maximize the Service. It may take some time, but in the end, you become visible to a bigger audience. Here are few tips that might help you:

  • Decide which 10 services you can provide;
  • Be specific in the section “About.” Make your customers believe they know you;
  • Choose your location. You can mark the current area of work or pick the “Remotely” option;
  • Notify your network that you are ready to work. You can use the hashtag “OpenForBusiness.”

Reviews of Your Customers

Don’t hesitate to ask for reviews if you see satisfied clients. They will significantly increase your chances to stay visible to others. Besides, users like to read the opinions of clients you worked with. You can use the service to “invite to review.” LinkedIn offers 20 credits to request it.

Stay Tuned to LinkedIn

It looks like LinkedIn is working on more positive changes in its business. It constantly adds more features for businessmen and employers. Once you become popular there, you receive regular customers without too much effort. If you have more tricks that help freelancers on LinkedIn, share them in the comments. Visit our Facebook page and check out more helpful posts.

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