Ash of Gods: The Way Demo and Release Date Revealed

  • Ethan Smith
  • 14 Mar 2023

It's finally here! The highly anticipated sequel to the beloved game Ash of Gods: Redemption has had its release date revealed by AurumDust. The tactical RPG Ash of Gods: The Way is set to be released on April 27 this year. Furthermore, the developers have kindly published a demo of the game on Steam for those eager to try it out. Let's take a look at the news and the demo!

Ash of Gods: The Way is set to launch on PC exclusively on April 27, 2023. It has been a long time since the first part of the series Ash of Gods: Redemption, released back in 2018. We can only hope that the sequel will eventually make its way to other consoles too. The good news is that we can already get a taste of the game as the developers have published the demo on Steam. Weighing 2.46GB, it offers half of the story-driven campaign, featuring six skirmishes. To accompany the release date reveal, AurumDust has also released a trailer for the game, showing us the storyline and introducing some of the characters.

The first part of the series, Ash of Gods: Redemption, was a great tactical RPG, offering an intriguing story with attractive cartoonish graphics and a unique turn-based combat system enriched with card game elements. So expectations for the sequel are naturally high. With the demo already out, it's clear the developers are confident the game will meet expectations.

In conclusion, good news for anyone looking for a great tactical RPG: Ash of Gods: The Way is coming out on April 27! The developers have already released a demo of the game, giving us a taste of what to expect, as well as a trailer to introduce some of the characters. The sequel has been a long time coming, as the first part, Ash of Gods: Redemption, was released back in 2018. Let's hope the game lives up to expectations and is released on other consoles in the future too.

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