Awesome Telegram Desktop Update

  • Ava Thompson
  • 06 Jan 2022

Most recently, we received the Telegram update under the number 3.4.2. It includes improvements to some of the old features and the addition of new ones. In particular, if you often chat in groups, you will surely appreciate the "Spoilers" option. Now, if you discuss a movie, book, or any other sensitive topic, you can pick the part of the text and hide this information through the formatting menu. If desired, the message recipient can click on the shaded text and read it. So you will save the feelings of those who are panicky afraid of spoilers for their favorite TV series.

It's now easier to respond to messages sent to you as well. Just double-tap on the text or hold it with your finger and pick the appropriate emoji. In personal correspondence, you have access to a full set of reactions; in groups, administrators decide whether such an option is needed, and if so, which emoji can be used. It is convenient not only for quick reaction to messages but also for conducting polls.

Also, the latest Telegram update has made international communication more accessible. The translation function allows you to translate any message into your language; you just need to activate it in the settings. After that, you can click on the text you need and pick "Translate" from the drop-down menu. If necessary, you can list those languages ​​for which you do not need a translation.

In addition to the features listed above, the opportunity to create customized QR codes has been added to share public pages with other users. A new button is located next to the account link. You can customize the code pattern and color, send it via other applications, save it, or print it. Additionally, the developers have updated the Telegram menu in the macOS version and added animations to popular emoji.

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