Beginners’ Guide on Restoring Google Photos Content

  • Ava Thompson
  • 02 Sep 2021

If you are looking for how to restore the photos and videos you deleted from Google Photos, read this article. Before they are erased forever, Google Photos remain in the folder “Trash” during the 60 days. This service is one of the most popular options that help you to keep your video and photo files. This cloud storage allows you to save photos from Android devices and Google Pixel mobile phones.

Google Photos service is great for photographers or amateurs with big photo collections. You can easily send old photos to archive and store them there until you need them. Once you enter your account to reach photos, you need a Google Account to use the photos or videos. Photos are getting categorized by places, time, or even faces on them to advanced search. Even if you deleted the photo and changed your mind, you can still save it. The photo is still accessible, as it is kept in the trash for 60 days before being completely deleted. To restore it, you need to use Google Photos BackUp and Sync feature.

What Are Google Photos?

This is a storage that offers to keep your photo and video files free of charge. It has a 16 megapixels limit and a 1080p HD limit. If you want higher resolution or more space, you can pay for these services. The storage can be entered only by the owner of a Google Account. Each owner has a specific key that prevents others from stealing files and improves the security system.

Permanently Deleted Photos

Permanently deleted photo materials go to the Trash. You can recover them, using your Google Account at the Google Photos app or on the website. After 60 days, they will be deleted from the Trash. You may try to contact Google Support after that. There are tools that offer ways to recover even deleted from the bin photos, like Recoverit. Yet, there is no guarantee that these photos will be brought back to you.

Recovering Photos and Videos Step by Step

The first thing you have to do if you want to restore your files is to look for them in the Trash bin. If there are no files left, unfortunately, they are gone for good. You have 60 days to change your mind about photos or videos you’ve deleted. After that, you will not be able to restore anything even with the most advanced tools. The users of Android 11 or later might lose their photos after 30 days in Trash without backup. If the folder Trash itself was deleted, you wouldn’t be able to restore anything as well. If the files you are looking for are in the Trash, here are the steps for you to perform:

  1. Open Google Photos app on your Android phone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad;
  2. Find “Library” at the bottom of the panel and tap the Trash icon;
  3. Check the content and find the photos you need. After that, touch them and hold them one by one;
  4. Once the “Restore” option appears at the bottom, press it. Choose whether you want to move it back to the phone’s gallery, library Google Photos, or in specific albums;
  5. If you are using a laptop, go directly to the website;
  6. You will see the Trash can on the left side. Place the cursor on the files you want to recover and pick “Select”;
  7. You will find the “Restore” button at the top right corner. Press it, and your photos will be recovered in the Google Photos account you have and appear in the albums they were added before.

Best Way to Keep Photos

All you need to remember while adding your photos to any device is to make a backup. Always do it no matter how pointless it might seem. If you are lucky enough, you might save important photos or videos you’ve deleted. The same goes for any other files. Once you delete something, set the alarm on your phone to notify you about this action 58 days after so that you can change your mind. If you use additional services to restore files, share them in the comments below. Visit our Facebook page to find more useful information. Don’t forget to leave your responses here.

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