Best Bukkit Plugins for Minecraft Java Edition (2022)

  • Ethan Smith
  • 05 Nov 2022

One of the most unpleasant feelings is to find your Minecraft server lagging, which kills the joy for all the players. While ClearLagg does not modify the appearance or the gameplay, it wipes the unnecessary data from the server, improving the performance.

If you want to send messages to all the players, Holographic Display is one of the best methods to contact them. The messages just appear as holographic boards hanging in the air before players, so you can relate them to some specific locations or events.

One of the greatest things about Minecraft is its moddability. Independent servers and modified clients allow players to reach the level of freedom they would never enjoy in the vanilla version. And one of the greatest Minecraft modifications is Bukkit, a kind of server software that pushes the boundaries. Here are the best Bukkit plugins that will transform the game for you completely.

It should be noted, though, that Bukkit plugins are installed on the server side, so a regular player can’t change the experience by modifying their client app. If you want some of them installed on your favorite server, you need to contact the admin and convince them. If you are an admin yourself, though, here is something you’ll appreciate.


Lagging is one of the biggest issues Minecraft servers ever experience. This plugin provides the ability to wipe unnecessary data from time to time so the entities are periodically removed. The plugin improves the performance of the server dramatically and flexibly.

Holographic Displays

It’s an efficient and spectacular way to send notifications to all the players. Texts appear as futuristic holograms floating in the air.

Multiverse Core

Multiverse allows players to introduce their own worlds into the server environment. If the admin approves, your world will coexist with others on the server. More than that: players can teleport across the world!

World Guard

There are two ways to protect your lands from invaders. One of them is to use in-game weapons and fences; another is to use World Guard, so other players just don’t have access to certain areas of your world. In addition, the plugin supports certain house rules that players can apply in these zones.

World Edit

This is more than a plugin: this is what Minecraft is about. If you like world-building most of all in it, this plugin will accelerate your job by enabling you to move numerous blocks instantly. A real treasure if you like to recreate locations from movies or real life or if you want to build something truly yours and throw endless shovels of mud.
Even if you’re not an admin, you can search for servers with these plugins installed before joining in. You can also compare a vanilla Bukkit server with one that has these plugins and see whether your game benefits from them.
If you are a Minecraft fan or an admin, do you use Bukkit? Which are your favorite plugins? Tell us about your choice in the comments!

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