Blizzard Games to be Discontinued in China – Chinese Gamers Respond with Disappointment

  • Ava Thompson
  • 21 Jan 2023

Chinese gamers were disappointed to hear that Blizzard Entertainment, the leading game developer, is going to discontinue its games in China. This news came shortly after the company was criticized for punishing a player who expressed support for the Hong Kong protests. Blizzard has been providing its gaming services in mainland China for more than a decade.

According to local media reports, Blizzard will be pulling out of China later this year. This comes as a surprise to many Chinese gamers who have been playing Blizzard games for years. The company's popular titles, such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Hearthstone, will no longer be available in mainland China.

Many perceive the decision to be a reaction to the uproar caused by the company's prohibition of a professional gamer who voiced backing for the Hong Kong demonstrations. The incident sparked widespread criticism, including from US lawmakers and Blizzard's own employees. It appears that the company has chosen to end its operations in China in order to reduce the repercussions of the occurrence.

While some have praised Blizzard's decision, others have expressed disappointment and anger. Chinese gamers have long been fans of the company's games, and the news of the withdrawal has been met with sadness. Many have questioned the company's decision, wondering why it was willing to sacrifice its Chinese audience in an effort to appease its critics.

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