Boost Your PlayStation 5 Gaming Experience with These Tricks

  • Ava Thompson
  • 16 Sep 2021

Avoid spoilers, save energy, and control your microphone quicker.
PlayStation 5 has been around for months, and many players have already tried new titles on it. But, along with its performance and content, there are minor tricks that form a major change in one’s experience. No hacking required: Sony has thought about it. It’s time to learn how these hidden features can improve your gaming life.

Gamepad Energy Saving

Though Sony decided your DualSense should be always on until off, you don’t have to sweat it that hard and recharge urgently when you discover it’s out of power. There are alternative power options that won’t keep your DualSense working aimlessly.

First, you can set up its behavior when idle. To do so, you need to:

  • Open Settings
  • Open System / Power Saving
  • Go to “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off”
  • Choose the desired time, from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Second, you can turn off your gamepad manually. All it takes is pressing the PS button and holding it down for about 10 seconds. If you have to stop your session and don’t want your DualSense to keep working as you’re away, it’s the emergency option.

DualSense Options

When it comes to the gamepad and its features, there are more interesting options to improve your gaming experience.

  • You can reassign your Create button actions. Instead of simply taking screenshots, you can save your recent gameplay videos, go to settings to reconfigure them on the go, and (yes) take screenshots. Go to Settings / Captures and Broadcasts to adjust what happens when you press once, press twice, or press and hold it.
  • To mute your microphone, you can press the Microphone button on the gamepad. Pressing and holding it will turn off all the sounds.

Third-Party Device Options

It’s a great idea to have a mic in your hands as you play. But you may prefer another one – either it’s better or you don’t like your vibration and adaptive triggers muted down because of the one in DualSense. Then, you can do the following:

  • Go to Settings / Sound
  • Go to “Microphone”
  • Set the “Microphone Status When Logged In” to “Mute”

You can activate it manually later if you want to.

Game Options

Each game has its own settings, but in the menu, you can choose the defaults for them. For example, to choose the options for various types of view (first/third person) and for general performance and resolution, you can do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings
  • Set up each mode

Avoid Spoilers

It’s a great ability to share screenshots and videos from games. But what if your friends share some content from the areas you haven’t entered yet? Then you can go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings and in “Spoiler Warnings” choose what to consider a spoiler. You can trust the developers or mark as spoilers everything you have not seen, regardless of the game.

Empty Your Trophy Shelf to Save Storage

Every time you unlock an achievement, a video clip is saved for you to relive the moment later. But your storage isn’t unlimited. To save it from these videos, you need to:

  • Go to Settings and then to Captures and Broadcasts
  • Go to “Trophies” section
  • Deactivate “Save Trophy Screenshots” and “Save Trophy Videos” 

Okay, these videos won’t eat your storage anymore, while trophies will remain yours.

PlayStation: More Than You Expect

You can discover even more useful tricks if you download and explore the official PlayStation mobile app. It enhances your social gaming even more and lets you preorder and pre-download games even if you’re away from your console right now. But that’s a topic worth its own discussion.
Did you try any of these tips immediately on your PlayStation 5? Did you like what you saw? If so, and even if not, you can leave your impressions here in the comments. We’d also appreciate it if you share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc., so your friends can enhance their PS5 experience too.

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