Chrome's Side Panel Gets Better With New Update

  • Ethan Smith
  • 22 Oct 2021

In June, Google's Chrome Canary browser received an interesting update that added the Side Panel tool. With it, you get quick access to your bookmarks and the reading list without having to make a few clicks. It is especially handy for those using wide monitors. Although the idea was curious and really functional, it cannot be said that it looked perfect.

Now, the developers have worked on it and presented an improved version to users. They added a special "border" that visually enhances the Side Panel by separating the background from your saved information. Moreover, they also slightly improved the panel design so that it looks more organic, like part of the browser, and not just an additional bar, as if from another program. Thus, the interface has become smoother and does not hurt the eyes.

Currently, this flag is only available in Chrome Canary, intended for developers and those who like to test new technologies. If you have it, you can activate the feature on the experiments page. If all goes well further, this functionality will become available in the Stable browser version. For some time, the owners of regular Chrome will not be able to appreciate all the convenience of the panel.

This innovation is very convenient and makes it easier to "visually" scan the information on a monitor. If you use a laptop or a small monitor, it may not be that good for you. Perhaps the only drawback at the moment is that you cannot customize the panel to your taste; for example, change its width. Also, developers should add a popup with a page title that shows up when hovering over a bookmark. If these minor bugs are fixed, a separate bookmark bar can really make browsing easier and faster.

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