Clubhouse Offers New Feature

  • Ava Thompson
  • 31 Aug 2021

Once the most discussed closed social network Clubhouse might be slowed down by its rival Spaces from Twitter. However, it is still moving forward. It makes 700k rooms during the day and adds spatial audio. The pace might have gotten slower but Clubhouse continues to work on the new updates.

Today Clubhouse shared the exciting news with its fans on Twitter. The company announced the release of the spatial audio, which might attract a bigger audience to their chats. Clubhouse describes the new feature as the surrounding sound in users’ personal headphones. The company improved the quality of sound up to the level where you can tell who is talking. In the audio they shared, the person is heard like in the real world. Every speaker can be heard from the different positions in the room.

According to the network’s developers, the new feature replicates the listening and speaking process. Therefore, we receive the effect of our presence in the same room. You can listen to the chats in your headphones, without them, or in the stereo system of the car. The new feature allows you to distinguish one voice from another, as you know that one speaker sits from the left side of you and another from the right.

Clubhouse plans to provide specific places to every speaker, so there will be audio spacing between them. Stereo and music sources will be positioned as well. They will have their own separation in the virtual space. Meanwhile, speakers will not have a similar experience as listeners. A spatial audio feature is available for the audience. It might bring new challenges for the management of the rooms. Yet, speakers will be able to better keep up with the conversation without worrying about the possible shifts in the level of the audio for every participant.

Clubhouse keeps trying to hold the interest of the audience. It still has popular rooms attended by hundreds and thousands of people daily. If you are looking for more information about this network or others, visit our Facebook page.

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