Clubhouse Rolls Out an Array of New Features

  • Ethan Smith
  • 04 Oct 2021

It seemed that Clubhouse shouldn’t have survived amongst the rivals who have recently introduced audio chats. But the pioneer is still here, and it has some aces up its sleeve to dominate the world of audio chats. The recent updates can bring Clubhouse back to life.

Probably the most expected of these features is native audio recording dubbed Replay. Now you can record and replay audios from conferences any time you like. This will expand the audience of events held on Clubhouse, as more people will be able to listen to the vent after it’s over. To make the event recordable, its creator should activate this option. After the event, the creator can download the record and publish it elsewhere. Guests and speakers will be notified that they are being recorded.

If the creator activates Replay while creating an event, it remains available even after it’s over, and other users can find it and listen to the recorded conversation. No, they cannot download it without third-party apps: it’s the creator’s prerogative.

Another addition enabling integration with other social media is Clips. With Clips, you can share 30-second fragments of events on other social media. They will be playable with no extra app needed. The purpose of this feature is to let Clubhouse users show the main highlights of their meetings, or to invite those who want to enjoy the full version. Also, you can post quotes from Clubhouse on other social media. Wait for them to become memetic soon!

Finally, a new feature Universal Search makes it easier to find a room on Clubhouse. This feature will be the first to roll out on both Android and iOS. With it, you can find a room where people talk about something particular.  Other users can find your room, too, even without an invitation.

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