Facebook Introduces New Tools for Monetization

  • Ava Thompson
  • 15 Mar 2021

Yoav Arnstein, Facebook Director for Monetization, spoke about new ways to incorporate ads into content. Creators can now make money from short videos that are no more than one minute long, with ads running after 30 seconds. If a video is three or more minutes long, ads may appear after 45 seconds. It was done because the company considers monetizing short videos to be the most promising direction. Previously, with in-stream ads, users could only monetize videos that were three minutes or longer, and the ads were shown after 1 minute or less. 

User requirements were updated either. Creators should post from a page (not a profile) with at least 10 000 subscribers, be 18 years old or older, and the page should comply with the established guidelines. Moreover, it should have a total of at least 60 000 mins of live video views in the last 60 days.

Besides, users of the social network will be able to add advertising stickers to their stories. Soon, all customers will be able to receive royalties from them. So far, the function has been launched only in test mode and has a limited format. According to Arnstein, they tried to introduce new monetizing ways without spoiling the viewers' experience. All these updates will help Facebook to attract new content creators.

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