Facebook Issues the Earth Week Update for Messenger and Messenger Kids

  • Ethan Smith
  • 21 Apr 2021

It’s the Earth Day today, and Facebook is offering you an inevitable reminder that you will notice as you launch your Messenger app. The new features that will appear in this update are meant for everyone to discover the beauty of the Earth, regardless of where you are.

Both Messenger Kids and the regular Messenger receive new themes and stickers to show the attitude towards the Earth. These also appear on Instagram and become available for coloring the chatting. The built-in camera received new AR effects to celebrate the Earth Day and share its best views. Messenger Kids also gets a built-in game named Flower Forest, an adventure where you can collect flowers, share your collection, and explore the new landscapes.

Maybe the most spectacular part of it is new 360 backgrounds for video calls made in collaboration with National Geographic. With them, you can pretend you are in some of the most beautiful places of the US, like Rocky Mountain National Park, Death Valley, Acadia, or Canyonlands. Another special background is an artwork made in collaboration with Lucas Wakamatsu.

The update is already available on Google Play, so you can start exploring these features before the day comes. And then come as a surprise to your friends and make them wonder how you got to  these beautiful places.

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