Get Ready for Fortnite Winterfest 2021

  • Ava Thompson
  • 22 Dec 2021

Fortnight traditionally offers players a huge pile of gifts and surprises for the Christmas holidays. This year is no exception, especially since you have probably already had time to enjoy the soft snow that now covers most of the island. The Winterfest 2021 festival will be held from December 16th to January 6th inclusive and will give us a lot of bright emotions.

First of all, you can enjoy free gifts, for receiving which you do not have to do anything. Just enter the lodge menu and pick up your box. In total, you can get two wraps and pickaxes, Polar Peely and Krisabelle skins, and a bunch of new things like a glider, lobby track, banner, and much more. Fresh gifts are available every day. But don't be afraid to miss any of them. You can open them any other day.

The surprises don't end with free items. All users will now be able to purchase the Blizzabelle costume and skins from the Concept Royale summer event winners in the store: the magical Nalia by @lbdart and the dark Frigid Forgoer by @altacalls. And, of course, one of the coolest additions to this festival are the skins of Tom Holland as Spider-Man (that is, he can now run without a mask) and his faithful friend MJ, played by Zendaya. By the way, she is the first celebrity to have two skins in the game. Recall that the first was Chani from the Dune movie.

Can at least one Fortnight update do without new tasks? Of course not! Sgt. Winter has already prepared a massive list of quests for every day of the festival. They will bring you to experience points, and if you complete seven and ten tasks, you will receive a themed "frozen" glider (two boards come with it as a gift) and a back bling. Of course, the developers brought back some "icy" items like Snowball Launchers and Chiller Grenades to the game. You also have the opportunity to meet with Sgt. Winter personally, as he will be free to roam the map and scatter gifts

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