Google Introduces Ad Privacy Feature

  • Ethan Smith
  • 23 May 2022

Recently, Google released a feature that allows you to configure the security and privacy of advertising. For a long time, advertisements have not only been a source of income for Google, but also a useful option for users. Intelligent targeting allows advertisements to be interesting to the audience and increase sales of companies.

Due to the fact that Google invests a lot in the development of its advertising component, it is not surprising that various features for this area appear regularly. For example, "My Ad Center" is already announced, which will allow users to control what ads they see in Search, Discover, and YouTube.

Google suggests that such a feature will increase user confidence and further improve the performance and usefulness of ads. Due to new privacy options and the ability to independently manage advertising preferences, the process of using Google and therefore viewing advertising offers will be as comfortable as possible. This innovation will allow you to select your favorite offers and topics, block uninteresting content, and set preferences for advertisements by category.

Also, users after double-clicking on an ad will be able to find out who sponsored this ad. That will allow companies and potential customers to find each other and eliminate the need to watch irrelevant annoying ads. Now you can block individual brands and advertisers.

Do you like being able to manage your Google ads yourself? Do you think this option will be useful for both users and advertisers, or will users benefit more? Please share your opinion below!


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