Have Fun With Your Friends on Google’s Doodle

  • Ava Thompson
  • 02 Aug 2022

We all have gotten pretty accustomed to different Doodles that Google releases every now and then. You can randomly open a new tab and find out something interesting about the ongoing holiday. It is an enjoyable way to distract yourself from all the work or waste time waiting for something.

This time you can tackle the challenge of playing pétanque. The word sounds weird, but don’t worry – the game rules are simple enough. You don’t need to do much: the players throw the ball (boule), and it must get as close as it can to the little ball (cochonnet). Sounds rather easy. Nevertheless, there are some tricks to it.
You can enjoy this little mini-game both on your computer and phone. Unfortunately, the mechanics might be hard to grasp at first, but gradually you will get used to them. Google will explain all of the rules beforehand, and then you can choose to play some practice rounds.

When you feel ready to play with someone else, you can pick to play online with a random person or send a personalized link to your friends. It can be done one-on-one or in teams of two.

On your phone, you will need to operate the ball with your fingers, which can cause some difficulties when it comes to aiming. Playing on a PC might be easier using your mouse as the primary tool.

The first multiplayer Doodle was released in 2018. It was dedicated to the celebration of that year’s Halloween. Since then, there were not so many of them, but there are noticeable Doodles that you can revisit through Chrome. For example, the Mexican card game Loteria launched in 2019.

Google always surprises users with amazing and unexpected ideas. The Doodles are done by creative artists dedicated to spreading fun and providing education.
Do you often enjoy Google’s Doodles? Have you ever tried playing pétanque? Please, let us know your opinion in the comments below.


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