How to Delete Your Telegram Account

  • Ava Thompson
  • 16 Aug 2021

There may be a moment when you need to delete a messaging app from your device. If you no longer want to use the Telegram messaging service on your smartphone, you have to follow several steps to delete it fully. Fortunately, deleting Telegram is a simple process, and it won’t take a long time. In this article, you can find out how to do this quickly.

Easily remove Telegram from your phone

Telegram is a messaging app designed for both iOS and Android platforms. It can be installed for free, and the only thing required during the registration process is to enter your phone number.

Before you delete Telegram, it is important to remember that doing this will remove all your data from being stored in the application. You will be removed from groups you have joined and all the messages will disappear. At the same time, if you have created groups, and there are still members in them, such group chats will remain and people will be able to continue talking. For instance, if there are admins that are running any groups that you have created, they will continue holding their admin rights. This is a very convenient feature, especially for people who work on the same project together.

If you complete all the steps and then log in again using the same number you had, your contacts will get a notification as if you were a new user joining the application. According to the developers of Telegram, it is better to delete your account in a browser on your computer or laptop and not in your smartphone.

Which steps do you have to take?

As it was mentioned, deleting Telegram is definitely not rocket science. If the main reason for deleting the app is your privacy, you should know that there is a ‘Secret chat’ function that you can use that doesn’t store messages on the server. The messages you exchange with another person are kept only on the devices of both users.

If you still decided that Telegram is not for you, the steps you should take to delete the app include the following:

  • It is best to open Telegram in your desktop browser. To do this, you should go to
  • When you open the page, you will have to enter your phone number and choose the area code. When you do this step, you should click on ‘Next.’
  • You will receive a confirmation code in your Telegram application on your smartphone. It will appear as a message from Telegram.
  • In your desktop browser, you should enter the code you received and then click on ‘Sign In.’
  • On the ‘Your Telegram Core’ page, there will be three different options available. They include Log Out, API development and the one you need to click on is ‘Delete Account.’
  • Next, there will be a page where you can see the number you entered, and you can also write why you decided to delete the app in the space provided by Telegram.
  • You should click on the button that says ‘Delete My Account.’
  • In a pop-up that will appear, you should choose ‘Yes, delete my account.’ If you suddenly change your mind, you return and nothing will happen to your account at this stage.

Once you follow these steps, the app will be deleted from your device.

Telegram doesn’t complicate things

Telegram is a fairly secure and well-designed app with additional privacy features. At the same, some users may decide that it’s not the right app for them, or they may want to switch to another messaging service. Being such a straightforward application, the process of deleting it takes only a few minutes.

What are your thoughts on Telegram? Please, share your experience with this app in the comments below!

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