How to Get iOS 14.5 on Your Gadget

  • Ethan Smith
  • 26 Apr 2021

The new iOS update has arrived this Monday with new features. And we’ll show you how to install it on your iPhone in our guide.

Upgrading to 14.5

If you already have experience upgrading iOS, you’re in luck. The procedure is absolutely the same. No extra stages or new agreements to accept.

But if it’s your debut iOS update, then here’s what to do:

  1. Charge the battery. It can take up to 20 minutes to update iOS. And in some cases you’ll need half an hour if your signal is weak. That’s why, make sure that your gadget is at least 95% charged.

  2. Open the Settings menu.

  3. Tap General and choose Software Update. 

The update process will start right away. We also recommend that you clean cache and remove other junk files/apps from your phone. iOS 14.5 requires 4-6 GB of disk space, so if your device is cluttered to the limit, installation may fail.

It’s also preferable to switch to the mobile traffic, rather than use Wi-Fi. The reason is that a stable internet connection speeds things up: averagely it takes 10 minutes or less to update the system.

What’s New?

The update is bringing a whole bag of new features. And some of them are pretty useful and even… surprising.

For example, you won’t need to remove the mask when unlocking the gadget. The Facial Recognition system can identify you with the anti-coronavirus protection on. 

Probably, the system “memorizes” your facial silhouette and iris to conclude whether the match is right or false. But you can also unlock your gadget using Apple Watch with the new update.

Siri has also gotten new voices. There are four available voices now vocalized by the Apple’s trademark text-to-speech generator. And you get two female and two male voices to experiment with.

Privacy is Your Right

But the 14.5 update is more than just cosmetic changes and features that make life in the pandemic a bit easier. 

Among all other features, there’s one dubbed App Tracking Transparency. But what does it do?

Now, you can literally prevent 3d party apps from collecting info on you. The feature turns the spying apps blind to your GPS data, search history, advertising ID, online behavior and so on. As a result, such a dossier can’t be sold to advertisers, marketers, and others.

But you can make an exception and allow some apps to do this. For example, you can let a cool game that you enjoy collect this type of data, so they don’t introduce more paywalls later. Revenue from ads is what keeps them free for the most part.

The company’s CEO Tim Cook made a statement that privacy — and this includes both online and offline — is a fundamental human right. Interestingly, this caused a lot of criticism from the likes of Facebook, which was forced to launch personalized ads recently.

The FB’s initiative is dubbed Good Ideas Deserve to be Found. However, no matter how advertisers try, they won’t take away this new privacy privilege from you if you’re running with the new iOS.

iOS 14.5 premiered on April 26, 2021. You can try the refreshed system and its features right after updating.

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