Instagram Launches Abuse-Proof Features

  • Ava Thompson
  • 22 Oct 2022

Are you tired of being bullied on Instagram? Not willing to see all the hate speech? The social media giant has got you covered. From now on, you can enjoy its newly released tools that help you block haters’ accounts at the speed of light. Keep reading for further details.

As part of its anti-abuse efforts, Instagram allows you to effortlessly block a single hater’s account. And you can also block any account of this individual, both newly and anytime-in-the-future created. 

Furthermore, the big I has introduced vital enhancements within its ‘Hidden Words’ feature. From now on, it will aid you in avoiding content that potentially contains hate speech. The function is now available in Stories. It excels in hiding any offensive reactions to your automatically disappearing pics and vids. In addition to this, the named feature is now smart enough to notice and withstand deliberate typos in swear words. So much for the haters’ creativity.

Another serious Instagram’s move in the anti-abuse direction is using ‘nudges’ for the purpose of warning the social media’s users about the need to be polite and respectful when contacting others either in the comments or personal messages. 

With all that said, Instagram is working really hard on protecting its users from being trolled or bullied. Yes, the picture-sharing app does guarantee everyone a voice and a top-notch platform to be heard. But that doesn’t mean it will tolerate rudeness and stupidity. After all, some foul digital mouths are better left shut in the first place.

So, what are your thoughts on this new anti-abuse functionality? Do you think it will work and prevent Instagram trolls from harassing people online? Have your say in the comment section below. We value your feedback greatly.

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