Instagram’s New Features Make It Easier to Highlight and Reward Original Content

  • Ava Thompson
  • 25 Apr 2022

The #1 social media platform for sharing photos and videos, Instagram has decided to tweak its ranking algorithms to accentuate and promote the original content from creators more. The Meta-owned service seeks to upgrade the mechanism used by its search engine to provide more visibility to the content that is made from scratch and not re-shared from other sources. The company believes that creators are essential for the platform but acknowledges that they often do not get due credit for what they do.

To give creators’ work more spotlight on the feed, Instagram has refined its rankings and introduced several new features geared towards making tagging original content more efficient. Here is more about the novel tools that should help boost the visibility of original content posted by Instagram creators:

  • Product Tags. Instagram has finally rolled out this functionality to every platform user. With this feature, users will be able to tag a specific product and generate traffic for its creator/business. When clicking on such tags, other users will be redirected to the page with a detailed product description. There is no information about whether or not users get to receive any commission via the feature.
  • Enhanced Tags. This tool enables creators to designate a bio category for themselves that others will see when their name is tagged in a video or photo. Instagram feels like this is the best way for the credit to go to its respective creator.
  • Donations via Reels. This unique feature allows users to contribute to one of over 1.5 million non-profit fundraisers available to them on the platform.

Are you an original creator on Instagram? Do you think the new and modified features will help your work get the deserved credit? Speak up in the comments and share this post with others!

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