Keep Your Privacy on WhatsApp

  • Ava Thompson
  • 10 Jul 2022

WhatsApp is all busy getting new features to the app. There were a lot of helpful updates that seemed to somewhat catch up to the app’s biggest competitor – Telegram. Meta is not done with all the new sets, as there will be additional changes to your online status and Last Seen.

The development of the feature was noticed back in November, but only now it has caught up to the news. The screenshot of a possible update is from an iOS device, although you can be sure that Android will not be too far. All in all, we can see the new setting for the Last Seen option, where you will be able to pick who can see the said feature: all, contacts, selected contacts, or nobody.  

In addition, there will be some changes to online status. Hiding your Last Seen is a handy update since not many users like it when someone else intrudes on their privacy, but what if you can go further? Possibly in the future, you will be able to set viewing your online status, either to everyone or like the Last Seen.

For now, Last Seen and online status are going hand in hand, but maybe later, the settings will work separately. Overall, it is nice to see that WhatsApp is working on improving the platform for it to be more popular among younger audiences. Nevertheless, there is no certain news as to when the new feature will come out.

Several other features have already made it to WhatsApp, like uploading files up to 2GB, adding 512 people in a group, and of course, Communities.

Keeping privacy on the Internet seems complicated nowadays, so many developers make it their goal to develop a platform that can fit modern expectations. Some people just don’t like when others keep an eye out for the time they spend online, and we can’t forget about overprotective parents.

What do you prefer to set your Last Seen to? Do you value your privacy on chatting apps? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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