Long-Awaited Google Calendar Update for Chrome OS

  • Ethan Smith
  • 17 Jan 2022

Quick View Calendar is an experimental feature for Chrome OS. One of its main advantages is the opportunity to sync with Google Calendar events. You can simply hover over a date and see the number of events scheduled for that day; click on a box, and the event titles will be displayed.

You need a Stable channel and at least Chrome OS 97 on a Chromebook to download the calendar. Suppose your device meets the specified criteria, enter //flags#calendar-view in the search bar. A window will appear with all the extensions for Google and Google OS that the developers work on. Now click on the menu next to the line with the calendar name and turn it on. Next, restart your device and hit the date on your taskbar to activate the widget.

The Quick View Calendar is fully integrated into the user interface and even supports a dark mode option. You can view the events of the current date or plans for the month ahead. You can flip the calendar a few months forward or backward if you wish. To return to the current period, simply hit the Today button.

Please note that the full version of this calendar is not yet available. For example, Google Calendar events are not open in the widget window. But if you want, you can try all the functionality by installing the Chrome OS 99.0.4815.0 Dev version. However, if you are not related to programming, it is better not to do it, as the system may become unstable. We still advise most users to wait for official releases.

Since the full potential of the Quick View Calendar has not been revealed, further updates are sure to come. The developers themselves are talking about it. One of the things that we personally hope for is the opportunity to change events on the Chrome OS taskbar.

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