Magic App Allows Users to Draw With Trackpad

  • Ava Thompson
  • 30 Aug 2021

Trackpad has already proved to be one of the best helpers for Apple computers. If you have the latest Mac model, you probably appreciate the trackpad. Meanwhile, you will not be able to draw much except for your signature on the documents. For drawings, use the “Magic” app.

Miraculous Magic App

Magic is the new tool for Mac owners. It was created by Joao Gabriel, the winner of the WWDC Swift Student Challenge, organized by Apple. Although it helps to draw a wide range of pictures, it is highly unlikely that this tool will be used by professionals. You can’t use Apple Pencil with it to make drawings more precise. Yet, it improves the quality of pictures you create as well as the built-in trackpads from MacBook. Your main instrument is your fingers. You can create fun sketches. All you need is a trackpad and the app itself. It does not take more than several minutes to draw anything you want.

Before you use the app, keep in mind that it turns your trackpad into a tablet. There are similar mechanics behind it. You need to tap the canvas and start your masterpiece. Choose the place you want to locate your picture, find the instruments to decorate it. If you have a Force Touch model of the trackpad, you will be able to use different types of brushes. Change the pressure of your finger to choose another brush once you need it. If you don’t want to do this, there is always a hand drawing feature available.

The magic app provides you with the ability to choose color, size, and even brush opacity. There are four versatile backgrounds, including squares and lines. It is not much but may work for your personal use. You can export drawings just like the basic images to share them with your friends.

The interface is not that complicated. You see the brush icon with colors, size, and opacity.  You can control the pressure you provide to make the strokes deeper or lighter. The developer of the app said that he continues to work on more features for the Magic app. Joao Gabriel wants to add the ability to work with several layers in a project. Perhaps it will become advanced in a few years and will be a perfect tool for professional artists.

Right now, you can download the Magic app on the App Store. Before you do it, make sure that the app is compatible with your Mac. It needs macOS Big Sur or later and a trackpad. The app does not take much space, but you’ll have to find at least 6.8 MB for it. Also, there must be a place for your new drawings. This app is free of charge and does not contain any annoying ads.

After you draw something, don’t forget to save it and share it with others. You can save it in jpeg, tiff, and png formats. Press the button and choose the format you need. The developer also added the interactive messages you can see while working in the app.

The app quickly gains popularity. Although the developer does not share plans on making the app compatible with stylus or pencil, many users expect to see it in the future. In August, it became number 3 in the Graphics and Design category of the Top Free Apps at the Mac App Store.

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