Navigation App Waze Gets Even Handier

  • Ethan Smith
  • 31 Jul 2021

The Waze app is popular all over the world. Now its audience has about 140 million active users and is constantly expanding. With it, you can monitor the situation on the roads and highways in real-time, find inexpensive gas stations, look for fellow travelers (carpooling), listen to music, locate convenient parking lots in new cities, and choose the most optimal routes. It is the last feature that the developers work on now.

The company has made a pre-drive screen in such a way that you get the maximum amount of useful information without leaving your home. Now all the essential data that will allow you to assess the situation is at your fingertips. For example, there is a very handy "the why" option that will explain to you why Waze gave you specific recommendations. Based on this information, you can analyze its advice and decide whether to use them or not. The following data will also appear on the pre-drive screen: alternative routes, traffic conditions, approximate toll road amounts, real-time reports, and much more.

All this is already in the application, but now access to this information has become more user-friendly. You can see everything on one screen. Therefore, you can fully assess the situation and choose the most optimal route for you even before you get behind the wheel. With this update, you can easily avoid all those problems that usually arise on the way to work. With well-visualized crowdsourced data, your daily routine can become smoother, especially if you are late for an important meeting.

From now on, users in several countries can test these innovations. It might take a while for the update to reach you, so stay tuned. You can also let the Waze app update itself, so you will always be the first to try new features that are likely to come in the future.

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