New Telegram Update: Chat Themes, Livestream Recording, and More

  • Ava Thompson
  • 21 Sep 2021

The first thing many Telegram users will appreciate is built-in video recording. Now you can record your live streams as well as video chats with any number of persons. In the recent 8.0 version, Telegram enabled video streams for an unlimited number of viewers. Can there be more? Yes. If you leave the record after the stream, those who couldn’t join in time can watch your stream too, though a bit late. The admin can record only audio or video and audio simultaneously.
When the stream or chat is over, the record automatically becomes available in Saved Messages. From there, you can post these records to the chat or the channel you want. This eliminates the need to use third-party apps to record Telegram videos and audio. If you use Telegram as your blog platform, recordings will become irreplaceable for you and your subscribers.
Another feature brought in by this update is chat themes. There are eight of them in total, plus each one comes in night and day versions. Every theme has its own gradient bubbles, unique patterns, and animated backgrounds. For each chat, you can select a theme that syncs across all the user’s devices. The contact for whom you choose a new theme will also see it and be notified of it within the chat. You can also override the other users’ settings and make your chats look like you want them.
Both new features are available on Android and iOS. On desktops or in the web version, only font colors change. Notifications that you have changed the theme also stay in the chat. Backgrounds, though, do not appear on non-mobile devices.
How does it work on your device? Do you like these new features? Have you noticed any bugs in it? If you have something to add, leave a comment below or share it on your social media.

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