Nike's Metaverse Gets to Roblox

  • Ava Thompson
  • 23 Nov 2021

Sports giant Nike has been planning its metaverse for quite some time now. In the fall, it began registering its own trademarks in preparation for a new stage of promotional campaigns aimed at conquering the virtual world. Now the company has gradually started to bring new ideas to life.

In particular, a proprietary space called NIKELAND has appeared in the popular Roblox sandbox. In our opinion, it is a completely successful marketing ploy, given that now almost all aspects of life are being digitized. If you are confused by this news, here are five things to help you understand what's going on.

Competition and Creativity

Nike sees its mission as engaging young people in sports. It tries to choose the paths that are most accessible to today's youth. In the NIKELAND 3D world, the company's headquarter is recreated, near which many playgrounds are scattered. You can play old-school mini-games like dodgeball, and the floor is lava with other users. Besides, the brand strives to encourage the creativity of young players and provides many in-game tools for generating your own games and puzzles. Get creative and come up with a game that doesn't exist yet. Combine rules and elements from different sports to make a unique product.


We are sure that some are skeptical about this kind of news since users still have to sit at their computers most of the time. Nike is changing that approach too. You can use accelerometers on your devices to transfer some of your activity into the real world. Run, jump, and crouch to help your character win. In some games, you will have to move your body; in others, you should turn your smartphone or tablet. Your real actions will activate the superpowers of your game character.

Dressing Up

Did we mention that Nike actively registers its trademarks for in-app use? So thanks to it, you can now dress up your character in branded caps, sneakers, and T-shirts. There are both classic, time-tested products and ultra-new models that you can get from physical stores. The company strives to make its items popular with young people and thus increase the demand for goods in the real world.


Anyone can visit NIKELAND and take part in the offered mini-games for free. This is how Nike makes the sport accessible to everyone. For their activity, users receive awards in the form of Gold Medals and Blue Ribbons. You can win games, find Easter eggs, explore the world, and get trophies for it. They can later be spent on purchasing new building materials or sports equipment in the Roblox store.

Bringing NIKELAND to Life

In addition to attracting new consumers through the virtual multiverse, Nike also strives to make it more engaging for real buyers. If you look into the children's room of the company's House of Innovation, you can see NIKELAND in reality. To do it, you need a branded Snapchat lens. With it, you can transform the environment and see everything as it was done in the game, for example, accessories, mini-games, avatars, and Easter eggs.

A New Look at Sports

With the development of NIKELAND, the company aimed to bring real sports to Roblox. Thus, it wants to change the way people look at different types of activities, making them more popular among kids and teens. Plus, it's a really powerful way to drive real-world sales. According to analysts, if children know that someone wears these or that sneakers at Roblox, they will want to get them in reality. With the platform's ever-growing audience, we hope this Nike initiative will be truly successful.

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