Poppy Playtime: Useful Tips for Successful Walkthrough

  • Ethan Smith
  • 29 Nov 2021

Poppy Playtime is a new horror game that will make even experienced gamers squeeze into their chairs harder. Want to figure out what's going on in a toy factory and get out of there alive? Read our article for walkthrough instructions and helpful tips.

What Is It About?

Have you ever thought that all the toys you forgot about as a kid are sure to come to take revenge? Well, Poppy Playtime is literally the embodiment of such nightmares. In the story, you are a former employee of a factory that produced stuffed toys and dolls, and you are returning to it after ten years. However, all the other workers have disappeared, the building is abandoned, and a plush monster is waiting for you around the corner. There are dozens of puzzles to solve and the necessary clues to get out of the tangled corridors and find out what happened.


First, check if your computer meets the minimum requirements: Radeon RX 580 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 video card, Windows 10+, 8 GB of RAM, and at least 10 GB of disk space. You can try your hand at the first chapter for free; all subsequent episodes are paid. After installing the game, you can start scouring the factory.


By and large, the game is a vast collection of puzzles. Be attentive to details, read all the signs, and look out for video cassettes with promotional information. We recommend trying to interact even with seemingly useless objects. Hints can be absolutely everywhere, and small trinkets will definitely come in handy later on in the story.

You can complete tasks, press buttons, conduct electricity, and pull things that interest you with the help of the so-called Grabpack. It is a special two-handed mechanism with which you will perform tasks. Learn to use it as efficiently as possible to complete quests faster.

Handy Tips for the First Chapter

Now that the basic principle of the game is clear let's move on to some helpful tips. Warning: beware of spoilers!

Security door code

In the first part, your task is simple. You need to enter the factory. To do it, you should understand how to open the door to the security room using colored squares. To solve the correct color sequence, go to the gift shop and look for a model train. Pay attention to the colors of each carriage. Memorize or write them down to enter on the code panel. After you open the door, watch a tape and arm yourself with the blue hand from the Grabpack.

Huggy Wuggy

You won't be able to cope with half of the puzzles unless you find the second piece of Grapback, the red hand. Enter the factory and say hello to Huggy Wuggy. Don't be afraid; it is not a threat yet. Look around the room in search of useful items and try to master the blue hand. Find a place that only needs the blue half of the Grapback to unlock. As soon as you try to do it, the lights will turn off, and the key to the Power Room will appear in Huggy's hands. You will return power, but the toy will be gone. Beware now!

Red hand

Find a room with "05" written on the door. There is a control panel that you need to find four switches to activate. The blue one is to the left next to you, the red one to the right of a conveyor belt, and the green and yellow ones are on the opposite side of the room near the scanners. Insert the switches to activate the crane and assemble the box in which you will find the red hand.

In Search of Truth

Now that you have two working hands, you can explore the factory. We helped you find the most useful item in the game; the rest is up to you. Remember the Huggy Wuggy toy that suddenly disappeared after turning on the lights? Do not worry; you will surely meet with it again.

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