Procreate vs. Procreate Pocket: Brief Comparison

  • Ethan Smith
  • 17 Dec 2021

The Procreate app is rightfully popular among digital artists. It is easy to master and user-friendly, offers a powerful set of bitmap graphics tools, and is very stable. It has a Pocket version for use on compact devices. How exactly do they differ, and which one to choose?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. The first thing you should focus on is what device you plan to work on. Procreate was created for iPads, while Procreate Pocket was designed for iPhones. Before purchasing an app, be sure to check the list of gadgets it is compatible with. While both options work well even on older models, your OS should be updated to one of the latest versions. Also, note that none of them are intended to be used on other platforms.

Generally, it's recommended to have a stylus or a digital pencil to work with any such application. Considering the size of the screens of tablets and smartphones, if you want, you can draw with your finger on iPad, while on iPhone, it is extremely inconvenient. Unfortunately, Apple Pencil, which is tablet compatible, cannot be used when drawing on smartphones. So you have to purchase a different stylus if you want to work with Procreate Pocket.

Of course, the compact version of the app is cheaper than the full one. Nevertheless, in terms of functionality, these editions are not much different from each other. Basically, it is still related to the capabilities of the devices themselves. Given the iPhone's smaller screen, the developers have put most of the settings and tools in hidden menus to optimize the workspace. Both versions work great with each other. You can start working in Procreate Pocket and continue in Procreate by dropping your drawing via AirDrop.

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