Sonic Frontiers Update Raises Spoiler Concerns

  • Ethan Smith
  • 24 Oct 2022

Sonic Frontiers, the soon-to-be-released Sonic the Hedgehog title, received a high-quality overhaul a few days ago. However, the events surrounding the named update also raised some serious spoiler concerns. Keep reading if you want to learn more details on the topic.

Morio Kishimoto, the team leader behind Sonic Frontiers, recently posted a tweet that implied the title is going gold with the development currently reaching its final stage. Although Kishimoto wasn’t fully direct in its tweet, Sonic enthusiasts are mentally preparing for multiple spoilers within just a few days before Sonic Frontiers’ major rollout. 

All in all, the news is all good for Sonic fans. But still, the wording of the aforementioned announcement leaves them pretty restless. The thing is, Sega hasn’t officially stated that early copies of the title will be out in the wild ahead of the release. However, the way Kishimoto worded its tweet, it actually seems to be the case. Fans smell spoilers! 

That could lead to a situation when people will grab Frontiers early and spoil it all in the long run by streaming the title on Twitch before it’s even officially launched. Sega will probably take them down, but overall, the situation with potential spoilers leaking from every nook and cranny is not exactly what Sonic fans are looking forward to. 

Now that everyone is aware that Frontiers development is resumed, many platforms mute any content related to the game in an attempt to ward off spoilers. The game update is set to roll out on November 8th, so the fans hope they won’t have to face too many ahead-of-the-release spoilers. On the other hand, spoilers can be fun! So, what about you? Are you a Sonic fan? Do you have high hopes for the title? You’re welcome to start a discussion in the comments below if you have anything to add on the topic.

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