Spotify Fights Disinformation Regarding COVID-19

  • Ava Thompson
  • 31 Jan 2022

The spread of misinformation regarding the coronavirus and vaccination is indeed a global problem that should be combated. Since no generally accepted measures have been developed yet, each online platform independently decides how to carry out this fight. For example, Spotify plans to add “content advisory” tags to all materials related to COVID-19 in one way or another.

It was stated by the chief executive Daniel Ek after popular artists attacked him with criticism of his actions. According to Ek, it is the first such step taken by the podcast service. At the same time, he recalled that it is essential to maintain a balance between compliance with the rules and strict censorship.

It is known that Prince Harry, along with his wife, also showed interest in this issue and expressed concern about eliminating disinformation. Also, a known host of exclusive podcasts, Brene Brown, said that she will temporarily not publish any content until further notice.

The mentioned “content advisory” tag will redirect listeners to official materials about COVID-19, which are received from medical experts. Also, users will have access to links to trusted and reliable resources with information about the pandemic and vaccination.

The reason for such changes was the reaction of musicians Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. They announced that they intend to remove their tracks from the platform due to the allowed disinformation. The Joe Rogan podcast, called “The Joe Rogan Experience,” was cited as an example. In it, the author opposes vaccination and expresses controversial opinions about the pandemic in general and the authorities’ actions aimed at combating the coronavirus.

It is not the first time Rogan has been criticized for his comments. In January, 270 medical experts and professionals signed a petition calling for action against the American podcaster for spreading false information.

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