Spotify Greenroom: More Than Next Clubhouse Clone?

  • Ava Thompson
  • 25 Jun 2021

Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit have already followed the Clubhouse trendy feature and Spotify joins them with the new Greenroom feature. Will they conquer the social audio niche? We can’t say that until at least a few months after the full release. We can review the features right now, though!

The app has been on iOS and Android for almost two weeks already and lets you sign in with your existing Spotify account and choose the music genres that are most interesting to you. Having this info, the app will offer you to join several chat rooms right away. You can also add chats to My Groups to access them from the home screen or enter any discussion from the All feed, where an endless list of conversations is available. Depending on the room adjustments, you can just listen, chat in the comments (if allowed), and invite friends to join. Besides, you can tap the button to ask for permission to speak. Coming on stage brings you 1 gem, while other users can also give your gems if they like your speech. 

Of course, you can also host your own room, invite people, and set any rules inside. How do you like Spotify’s initiative to have a slice of the new trend? Have you already tried the app? Did you like it? Share this piece with friends who also use Spotify and express yourself in the comments.

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