Take Time to Explore a New Event on Genshin Impact

  • Ethan Smith
  • 02 Aug 2022

Genshin Impact is still on the rise, and the game gets timely updates and surprises to entertain its fans. This time, you can welcome the Golden Apple Archipelago once again since it holds the Summertime Odyssey event in patch 2.8.

Unfortunately, the area will be available only for a certain period of time, so you better invest some time in exploring the territory. Moreover, different parts of the Summertime event will be released over the course of several days. Make sure to solve all of the intriguing puzzles to receive bountiful rewards.

Every event has its own original story, and this one is not an exception. This time our heroes Mona, Fischl, Kazuha, and Xinyan are teaming up to enjoy a summer vacation on the beach. Of course, everything is not so simple: you will encounter mysteries that will keep you on your toes.

Fatui agents are once again making trouble around the area. It is time to figure out what they want from the Archipelago and kick them out to enjoy your vacation. There are a lot of bonuses that you can expect from the Summertime Odyssey event. For example, complete a set of quests to unlock a special Fischl skin by collecting Phantasmal Conches.

Moreover, there are puzzles that can trick your mind, but they have exciting rewards that will let you progress in the game. Of course, you should also take time to complete world quests related to the event before it ends for good.

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular online games worldwide. Besides many events, it has its own original story that you can uncover while progressing through the game.

Moreover, you can build your own team that will tackle any obstacles on your way.

Have you already explored the Golden Apple Archipelago? What do you think Fatui agents are doing in the area? Please, let us know your ideas in the comments below


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