The Bleak Faith Launch – Disappointing Reception on Steam

  • Ava Thompson
  • 15 Mar 2023

Yesterday, Archangel Studios released their much-awaited action RPG Bleak Faith: Forsaken. The game had a huge following – with more than 20 thousand people having it on their wish list. The videos of the game looked promising, yet the reception of the game has been far from par. 

The game was met with mixed reviews on Steam, with only 58% of the reviews being favorable. Many players experienced technical issues and found the controls inadequate; they felt like they didn’t have full control over the protagonist. The combat system, featuring dodges and rolls, was considered almost useless. 

Despite these criticisms, the two elements praised were the atmosphere and graphics. Many players felt the game had potential, yet it was released too early and needed to be more polished. It is worth mentioning the game’s popularity; at the peak of its release, Bleak Faith: Forsaken was played by over 1.7 thousand people on Steam, which is a decent result for a game of such a small team. 

The question remains whether the developers will be able to fix the game’s most pressing issues or if the promising title will just end up as another wasted opportunity. Given its popularity and following, the game has potential, yet the developers need to address the issues to make the game live up to its hype. 

Overall, Bleak Faith: Forsaken looks to be a game with potential that was simply released too early. Whether or not the developers will be able to polish their creation remains to be seen.

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