Three Tips To Improve WhatsApp Security

  • Ethan Smith
  • 04 Jan 2022

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messengers. For this reason, it regularly becomes the target of scammers and hackers. Data protection is the responsibility of the developers, but you can also make an effort to keep yourself safe. Here are three steps to make this messenger more secure.

Two-step verification. It's a must-have method that, in modern realities, you should enable in any service you use. Activate two-step verification in your WhatsApp account settings. Thus, you will create an additional layer of security and protect your profile from hacking, as well as your contacts from potential fraudsters. It will be much more difficult to jailbreak you and transfer data to another device.

WhatsApp lock. Usually, the Screen Lock feature is automatically activated in online banking apps. You can use this functionality in the messenger by blocking it separately from your device. Find this option in your account privacy settings. You can use Touch or Face ID and set the amount of time after which the screen will automatically lock due to inactivity. This function does not apply to the notification window, in which you can read messages, so it's better to use it in conjunction with other protection tools or disable the preview mode.

Auto-deleting texts. It is a relatively recently added feature. When activated, your messages will be automatically deleted a day, week, or 90 days after they were sent. You can find the message timer in the privacy settings. If it's not there, update your app to the latest version. Also, like the previous method, this option is not the most reliable since fraudsters can still take a screenshot of the sent message.

These three steps can dramatically improve your data protection when combined with standard security measures.

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