TikTok Brings Creators and Viewers Closer Together With New LIVE Video Support Pack

  • Ava Thompson
  • 11 Aug 2021

TikTok has recently paraded several exciting features designed to boost its LIVE video functionality and enable app users - creators and viewers alike - to connect on a more personal level as they produce or explore new content. Livestreaming has become a primary way for performers to engage with their global audiences, and TikTok has decided to follow the trend by introducing some unique tools that make it possible for artists to organize, announce, and promote their upcoming LIVE broadcasts.

What is the LIVE Events option?

The new TikTok feature is called LIVE Events, and it should help app users subscribed to their favorite artists stay in the loop about any scheduled future LIVE shows. While it sounds like something musicians will benefit from the most, the LIVE Events option is, in fact, a multi-faceted tool that can come in handy for museums, production studios, and various brand/creator partnerships.

What else is new on the app?

Another novelty from TikTok gives viewers the option to watch their preferred LIVE shows with a Picture-in-Picture viewing mode, sans the distracting comment stream. The combination of the Go LIVE Together and LIVE Q&A session features allows multiple TikTok performers to participate in the same LIVE gig and answer audience questions together afterward. Hosts of LIVE events now can appoint a stream manager who will oversee the commentaries and limit what users can or cannot say on the feed.

To make sure app users never miss their favorites, TikTok introduces Top LIVEs - a feature that ranks the best and most trending LIVE videos and sorts them into various categories for easier search and filtering. Expected to arrive later this year are temporary muting and removing of abusive viewers options.

Are you excited about the new TikTok features? Do you often use LIVE video? Tell us in the comments.

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