TikTok Issues Marketing Guides for Small & Medium Business

  • Ethan Smith
  • 31 Aug 2021

While the world is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 and getting ready for new strains not to hit that hard, so does small and medium business. Of course, small merchants want to advertise their offers on the most influential social media to reach the largest audience, and it fosters rivalry among social media. TikTok does it the straightest way: it addresses small and medium businesses directly and issues guides for advertisement.

Tools, Rules, and Philosophy 

In fact, TikTok has already implemented the necessary tools and refined them. Now it’s time to let the merchants know. So here come detailed guides on various aspects of TikTok advertising and marketing. And these are more than just technical guides: they invite you to absorb the philosophy of TikTok. For example, they highlight the mindset of many TikTok users who come here to absorb the lifestyle they want, and this means shopping as well. 
For example, ByteDance recommends business owners and managers not wait until they learn enough and start immediately. This makes sense: the best way to learn how things work is to get them working. Maybe imperfectly, but it’s better than doing nothing - especially, given that the network guides those willing to do business there.
Another philosophical advice is to enter the stream. That is, learn the current trending hashtags and make your advertising company relevant. Not only should one chase the current trends, but also predict those to come. This will make your advertisement more relevant for more users, widening your audience and boosting sales.

What Exactly to Do Then?

When it comes from philosophy to more down-to-earth recommendations, TikTok has it covered too. It recommends business owners fill all the details in their business accounts to keep their customers as informed as possible. Though it may sound obvious, there are lots of minor details on how to do it the most efficient way.
Another thing that’s hard to overrate is collaboration with influencers. The idea is to learn the current state of affairs, define the most popular influencers in your area, and pick the most relevant. Of course, this part of business heavily relies on personal soft skills, but indeed, all the business does.
Small Business Resource Center is a special project by TikTok founded to make it easier for SMB to enter this marketplace. It provides important tools like trend data and case studies, tells success stories, and shows how to make selling videos. Learning from these may be a great inspiration. In addition, there are purely technical instructions to make your videos look fantastic. Finally, if you don’t know where to start, it provides a good algorithm for beginners to plan your marketing campaign.
Finally, if you want to integrate your advertising and your sales as closely as possible, there is a special detailed instruction for integrating your TikTok account with an online store powered by Shopify. Thus, you only need to enter the Shopify dashboard to control your TikTok channel as well.

Rivalry for Rivals

No wonder that TikTok insists on creating special content for it. You cannot just take your Instagram or Facebook ads and repost them on TikTok. Everything is different: the view, the algorithms, the feed sorting, finally, the audience. If you agree, you will certainly want to build a TikTok campaign from scratch. And that’s where this assistance will be the most necessary. Given how platforms compete for businesses, each of them wants to be the most business-friendly; and whoever wins, SMB wins too.
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