Tinder a New Experience Called ‘Blind Date’

  • Ethan Smith
  • 13 Feb 2022

If you love going on blind dates, you’ll be pleased to find out that Tinder is adding this experience to its list of features. Basically, this experience pairs member even before they were able to view each other’s profiles. Thus, the only thing that you can rely on when choosing a partner is their social skills when you chat with each other.

The blind date experience is extremely unique and we’ve seen how many movie characters this method has brought together. It’s so romantic when a couple of people fall in love after getting to know one another. Also, when using this feature you will definitely not meet people who are simply looking for a hookup.

All of this made Tinder realize that this is an important experience that people will be interested in. Thus, Blind Date was added to the list of Fast Chat features available on Tinder, which are meant to help people connect with each other using new, exciting ways.

While of course going on a true blind date might sound exciting, it invites a whole host of problems from catfishing to simple incompatibility. Thus, users who liked each other and decided to match will be allowed to view each other’s profiles.

When using the Blind Date feature, you will first have to answer a series of icebreaker questions, which will help find your match based on how similarly you answered them. After that the users will enter a timed chat, not knowing anything about each other except the answers that they gave to the multiple-choice questions in the previews step.

Once the time runs out, users can either tap Like which will allow them to find out whether they’ve matched, or try their luck with another person. Currently, this feature is only available for users located in the United States. However, it will be made available globally in the next couple of weeks.

Have you ever been on a blind date? How important is the appearance of the person for you to fall in love with them? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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