Top-15 Apps for iPhone in 2021

  • Ethan Smith
  • 27 Aug 2021

If you are afraid of getting lost in the App Store with thousands of great apps for your phone, we gathered the top options for you here. The apps were originally created to ease the life of users. And you can significantly improve your business and daily life with them.

Best Apps for Your iPhone

It does not matter whether you are an experienced iOS user or not. Finding an app that will be helpful does not have to turn into a nightmare. There are hundreds of options for gamers, business owners, students, or housekeepers. Here is the list of the best apps you may find useful in 2021.


There is a standard app on new iOS models called Measure. However, MeasureKit offers more features, including the ruler, face mesh, angles. You will find their level, cube, marker pen, and even trajectory. Besides, there is a magnetometer.

2. IKEA Place

It is a perfect tool for anyone who needs new furniture. You can choose the one you like and see the 3D project in your room. The app is widely used by designers.

3. Dropbox

If you need reliable cloud storage for your documents, Dropbox will be of help. It provides you a place to keep all your files and documents. You may share the links with other users, scan the docs, or edit the file together with another person in real-time.

4. Apple iCloud Drive

The cloud storage app where users can access their storage anytime and no matter where they are. All the tools are synced. You receive 5GB of storage for free.

5. Star Walk

Free of charge app that allows you to find the constellations and stars. It is a stargazing tool for every fan of the night sky. The app uses Augmented Reality to reveal the information and detailed image of the point in the sky you pick.

6. WallaMe

Draw messages to your friends and hide them in the real world. The app allows you to exchange secret notes. Only your friends will be able to see them.

7. Ink Hunter

The app uses an AR mechanism to help you plan the new tattoo. You can check out how the tattoo you want will look on your body. All you need to do is to draw the marker on your skin and point the camera of your phone on it. You will be able to see the picked design with all details from different angles. It is free of charge.

8. Tinder

If you are looking for true love, you may start with dating apps. Tinder is still considered the most popular among them. You have to swipe left or right on the photos in front of you, depending on whether you like someone or not.

9. OkCupid

A dating app for talkers. Once the person you like likes you back, you can chat and arrange the date. You can specify your search based on region, intentions, orientation. The app is simple to use and free of charge.

10. Grindr

This is another free dating app available on the iOS platform. It has a huge LGBTQ community. The app is considered one of the best and most secured dating services for gay, bi, queer, trans, and lesbian people.

11. Bumble

This is a dating app for women. It is less popular than Tinder, for example, but is a safe space for many users who want to find true love. You may search for users with photos, in your area, and chat with them.

12. Affirm

This app was created for users who need short-term loans as quickly as possible. The app allows you to spend money on anything you need.

13. Credit Karma

You can check your credit scores here. You can explore your credit opportunities without extra costs or penalties. The app is free of charge.

14. Fortnite

The most popular battle royale game is free of charge on your iPhone. You can play together with your friends or solo. However, you need to have a strong Internet connection.

15. Lose it!

The app was created for people who want to lose weight. You download it on your phone, set the goal, and follow it. The app helps you to calculate calories.

Apps That Help

It does not matter whether you are looking for credit, trying to find a partner, or simply want to play games, you may use your phone to do this. Read the list of the apps that are on-demand in 2021 and download some of them on your iPhone to ease your life.

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