Twitter Grants More Control Over Tweets

  • Ava Thompson
  • 12 Jul 2021

Soon you’ll be able to select people who can reply to what you’re tweeting.

Lately,  Tweeter has been testing brand-new privacy features. One of the reasons for this innovation “rush” is the desire to minimize online harassment and bullying.

One of the new gimmicks is a special feature, which allows excluding “unwanted” replies to your fresh tweet. What’s even better, you can use it even if your thoughts are already public.

This feature is expected to decrease bullying dramatically, as you can regulate feedback from both followers and random people. This will be available through the Change who can reply option.

And at the same time, this innovation has been greatly criticized by many as a violation of the free speech principle — something that today’s popular online platforms seem to ignore more often. 

While it may help prevent trolls from brigades besieging your account, it may also be used to stifle rightfully deserved criticism.

Other new privacy features will allow you to smoothly switch between your Twitter accounts if you have more than one. The app will alert you if you forget to log out of your more private account and try to publish a tweet.

Another way is that you can temporarily make your profile “invisible” to the trolls. It won’t be available through Recommended for as long as you need. This option helps to hide away your profile in case your tweet gets traction and attracts unwanted attention.

Twitter's rival Gettr, created by Trump's supporters, on the other hand, seems to be a place where you can say whatever you want. 

What’s interesting, though, it seems to have a neural network, which censors visual content that you publish. Even partial nudity — like the one you can see in the fashion magazines — is frowned upon and can get you a temporary shadowban.

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