Twitter is Planning to Add a New Podcast Tab

  • Ava Thompson
  • 14 Mar 2022

Twitter understands the importance of making podcasts more accessible within their app, which is why they are currently testing out a new dedicated tab that will be focused solely on podcasts. This tab can be reached via the sidebar and the lower function bar.

According to the information provided by app researchers Alessandro Paluzzi and Jane Manchun Wong podcasts tab will be easily opened by tapping on the “Podcast” button located just under “Spaces” in the sidebar. The lower function bar will also feature a special podcast icon, allowing users to quickly reach the podcast tab.

This indicates that Twitter is fully committed to making podcasts a large part of their app, allowing for quick podcast discovery and enabling podcasters to make direct links to the podcasts that they have created. It is going to be similar to how it is already possible to create direct links to newsletters, which is done with the help of Revue.

Breaker is another app that was acquired by Twitter and it is the app that will be used for podcast discovery. Originally, it was going to be used for better discovery of Spaces, but then Twitter decided to expand its function to encompass podcasts as well.

It’s impossible to predict whether podcasts will remain as popular as they are right now, or will this trend fade into obscurity. However, Twitter seems to be positive that listening to podcasts will be an enduring trend.

Aside from that, podcasts will also be a great method for content creators on Twitter to build their audience. In the past, listening to podcasts was a fairly passive experience, you turn them on and go about your daily life. The Breaker App, however, is adding social elements to this experience, which will likely improve the popularity of podcasts even more.

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